JPrompt University

After attaining accreditation from the National Accreditation Board in 2011, the Academic Board of J-Prompt, at its last board meeting agreed to upgrade the Institute from a tutorial collage to a university college.

Plans are on the way in this endeavour and the appropriate requirement needed and institutions responsible for this change are being contacted to attain this.

The focus of this university is to blend all other academic courses and discipline with the usage of technology while using professional pathway to access academic qualifications.

A professional and academic establishment focused on delivering quality and maintaining high standards of performance and academic integrity and providing quality professional development through the integration of stakeholders and continuous improvement.

• 1 year or 2 years top up programme from HND or Professional Qualification to a first degree.
• Above 25years with work experience.
• Direct entry to Degree from SHS with all passes based on Accreditation requirement.

School of Computing (SC) - Bsc.
• Computer Science
• Information Technology

School of Engineering and Technology - (SET) - Bsc.
• Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
• Civil Engineering and Information Technology
• Electronic Engineering and Information Technology
• Telecommunication and Information Technology

School of Business Administration and Technology (SBAT) - Bsc.
• Human Resource and Information Technology
• Marketing and Information Technology
• Business Administration and Information Technology
• Oil and Gas Management and Information Technology
• Project Management and Information Technology
• Social Science

School of Finance insurance and Banking and Technology (SFIBT) - Bsc.
• Insurance and Information Technology
• Banking and Information Technology

School of Health Science and Technology (SHST) - Bsc.
• Public Health and Information Technology
• Health Informatics

School of Agriculture and Technology (SAT) - Bsc.
• Agriculture Engineering and Mechanization

Coming soon - New Academic Development plan

Pathway for our courses.