Mission Statement

The mission of J-Prompt Professional Institute of Technology (JPIT) is to provide practical and innovative professional education in Information and Communication Technology, Business, Applied Arts and Health Sciences, Languages and many disciplines with the use of innovative and modern technology in preparing people for the ever changing challenging job market (JPIT is committed to a skills-based approach to training and professional throughout learning resources.)

We provide practical and innovative professional education to students, workers and the general public in Africa and the world at large. JPIT focuses on retention, placement, and job performance results in graduates who are highly qualified and motivated employees. The communities served by the Institute benefit from this focus on outcome-based learning and the institute’s ability to adapt to its changing needs.

In addition to their academic preparation and skills training, students learn how to think critically, make decisions, gain independence, organize work, take initiative, supervise others, and be responsible employees. JPIT encourages students to work to achieve their highest potential while attaining their career goals. The Institute strives for excellence and quality in everything it does and instils in its students the same aspirations.