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Sound Engineering, Video Editing, and Character Animation offer a remarkable variety of career opportunities for every personality type who wish to develop a career that brings both excitement and great income.

If one has the passion and ambition to succeed in these fields of creativity, there is the availability of work in Ghana, West Africa and around the world.

JPIT focuses on turning our students to true professional individual in Sound Engineering, Video Editing and Character Animation.

We do not only train you theoretically but also gives you practical hands on training in the world’s state-of-the-art software and hardware in this field of creative art.

We offer courses in:

1. Sound Engineering
2. Video Editing
3. Character Animation


Sound Engineering

1. Sound Programming
2. Recording and editing
3. Mastering and Achieving


Video Editing

1. Video Capturing
2. Video Editing
3. Video Effecting and Achieving


Character Animation

1. Video animation
2. Web Animation

Entry Requirements:

Strong interest in multimedia
Basic Knowledge in IT would be an advantage

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