JetPower 12V 12Ah UPS Battery

JetPower 12V 12Ah UPS Battery

Jetpower 12V 12AH Battery is a Taiwanese product specially designed for the African weather conditions. It is designed to last for five (5) years when used under the right conditions. It can be used in UPSs, Inverters ...etc

  • Characteristics

    Capacity: 12V 12AH (25⁰C)

    Low self-discharge rate: ≤2%/month

    Long design life: 12V 12AH – 5years

    High sealed reaction efficiency: ≥98%

    Acclimation temperature range: -15  ̴50⁰C

    Operation temperature range: -20  ̴50⁰C

    Recommended operation temperature: 25⁰C

  • Design

    Stable Quality & High Reliability

    Long Service Life

    Maintenance-Free Operation VRLA

    Heavy Duty Grids

    Low Self Discharge

  • Applications

    Control systems / Electric toys / Emergency lamp / Power tools / Alarm systems / Emergency light systems / Standby power supply / UPS / Power supply / Telecommunication system / Firefighting equipment standby power supply / Railway system/Power station.

Color: Black