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Installation & Commission

What You Need

Whether it is the voltage, frequency, and electrical installation standards, J-Prompt Services Limited provides its customers with complete solutions. 

We can successfully help ensure your power protection system runs at peak performance for years to come. Our fully-certified engineers are qualified and our work covers all the components, cables, circuit boards and miniature circuit breakers required to connect the equipment to the mains supply. We understand that time is precious for all organisations, so installation can be arranged either inside or outside of normal working hours. All installation work is subject to quotation following an on-site power survey to establish your exact requirements.  J-Prompt certified service team delivers 24 / 7.

Our comprehensive commissioning service gives you the technical assistance to guarantee your system is installed safely and correctly to certified standards. Our expert engineers will ensure installation has been completed correctly, carry out necessary final checks, and power up the system so it’s ready for action.
Commissioning also includes an all-encompassing demonstration of the equipment before handover


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