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Whale series UPS adopts the technology, which has combined with the world’s most advanced DSP digital control technology, and IGBT high-frequency Pulse width Modulation technique (PWM).


Double-conversion online topology design makes the UPS deliver pure sine wave output with frequency tracking, phase-locking, voltage regulator and filter out noise, interference from the power grid fluctuations and makes the UPS provide more comprehensive and perfect protection for users.


Whale series UPS equipped with standard built-in output isolation transformers, static bypass switch and manual maintain switch makes this series UPS have higher anti-short circuit ability for worst application; also it has perfect protection: AC input, over-voltage, under-voltage, output over-voltage, short circuit protection over-temperature and etc...


Whale series UPS includes 3-phase in, 3-phase out/ 1-phase out from 6K-200K, which can be parallel up to eight (8) units UPS, conveniently and fast. Flexible parallel technology could be applied to different loads and systems

Jetpower 100KVA UPS Three Phase

  • DSP digital control technology


    The core system uses the world’s most advanced all-digital DSP control technology, which can effectively guarantee UPS’s core system accurate and fast running.



    Advanced IGBT inverter technology


    Combined high-reliable and high-efficiency IGBT inverter technology with high-frequency Pulse Width Modulation technology (PWM), it could reduce noise and power loss to ensure users can get high-quality power supply at maximum cost-effectiveness under different loads, and with input efficiency more than 95%.



    Pure on-line double conversion technology


    The pure on-line double conversion technology with reliable, stable, filtered and regulated pure sine wave output, not only has the atmospheric disturbance suppression

     filter, but also equips with output isolation transformers, static bypass, and maintenance bypass, which makes this product have a higher ability to withstand short circuit

     for the worst working application.



    Perfect protection


    Perfectly system protection includes AC input over/under voltage, output over/under voltage, overload, short circuit, over-temperature, under-voltage warning, and battery overcharge protection, etc to ensure the system to operate stably and reliably.



    Redundant Parallel Function


    The durable and reliable design of the industrial-type modular structure, combined with full digital DSP control technology core system, makes this UPS not only can be used for N+1/N+X redundancy and expansion but also can be connected with UPS of different power capacity and different production time in parallel. Up to eight (8)

     units can be paralleled freely, which greatly reduces the user’s purchase budget.



    Powerful communication system


    The standard equipped with RS-232 port, dry contact relays, emergency switch EPO interface.



    Low self-consumption and high efficiency


    Under ECO economical operation mode, its efficiency can reach more than 98%, which can effectively reduce itself consumption; it’s the ideal equipment for energy-saving society.



    Pre-alarm system


    The automatic self-detection of the Touchscreen panel after power-on can detect any potential danger of UPS and send out an alert to avoid UPS failure and human danger.

     Also, the UPS will automatically alert if the remaining battery backup timeless than its preset value.



    Friendly display


    Friendly setting includes: system parameters, data, output voltage, battery capacity, alarm function, light-load shutdown, auto turn-on at a set time, MODEM settings;

     and also it can store up to 120 alarms for the user’s check.



    Wide AC input range


    This product has a wide AC input range, which greatly reduces the battery usage, and effectively extends the battery life.



    Powerful overload ability


    Under inverter mode, overload capacity 110%/125%/150% for 300min/10min/1min.

    Under Bypass mode, overload capacity 150%/170%/250% o for 60 min/10min/1min

  • PC, workstation, elevator, server, bank, industry equipment, IT equipment, communication system or networking equipment airport

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