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JetPower 12V 38Ah UPS Battery

JetPower 12V 38Ah UPS Battery

Jetpower 12V 38AH Battery is a Taiwanese product specially designed for the African weather conditions. It is designed to last for five (5) years when used favourable conditions

  • Characteristics

    Capacity: 12V 38AH (25⁰C)

    Low self-discharge rate: ≤2%/month

    Long design life: 12V 38AH – 5-10years

    High sealed reaction efficiency: ≥98%

    Acclimation temperature range: -15  ̴50⁰C

    Operation temperature range: -20  ̴50⁰C

    Recommended operation temperature: 25⁰C

  • Design

    Stable Quality & High Reliability

    Long Service Life

    Maintenance-Free Operation VRLA

    Heavy Duty Grids

    Low Self Discharge

  • Applications

    Control systems / Electric toys / Emergency lamp / Power tools / Alarm systems / Emergency light systems / Standby power supply / UPS / Power supply / Telecommunication system / Firefighting equipment standby power supply / Railway system/Power station.

Color: Black
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