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What We Can Do

Since 1995, we have grown our channel to become one of the most professional power solution companies in providing complete power protection in the sale, installation, and after-sales support in UPS, AVR/Stabilizers, Batteries, and Solar Solutions


At J-Prompt, we give you complete peace of mind in your power protection needs.


Our mission over the years is to provide the most reliable and convenient total power solution and efficient support services in Ghana and the sub-regions, envisioning being the most dependable business establishment ranking high amongst the key players in the industry.


We are the sole distributors in Ghana for brands such as British Power Conversion (BPC)-UK, Jetpower -Taiwan, Synergict Power-UK and Ortea- Italy


Our Products include the Following

  • Uninterruptible Power Solution (UPS)

  • Stabilizers

  • Solar & Inverter Systems

  • UPS and Solar Batteries

  • Security, PABX, Electrical Accessories, etc..


You can trust us with your power needs because we are professional, dependable, and innovative. Our products come with a minimum one-year full warranty on all products purchased, spare parts availability between 10 to 20 years with 24/7 technical support.

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